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drone services SCROLL A company that transforming UAV Services in KSA Via Innovation & Compliance Get to know us We are Artrabia

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Artrabia is based and founded in Saudi Arabia by an ex-military fighter jet pilots and equally driven individuals

modern fleet of drones

Continually acquiring and embracing the latest UAV drones & technology 

data accuracy

We have a unique, proprietary method of delivering highly detailed images and videos to clients along with expert analysis to help you cover large areas with minimum time and cost

Artrabia UAV Services

What we do

We can support your business to be efficient & productive

Artrabia makes a point of spreading our wings beyond limits to help YOU soar the skies. Our high-quality camera output and quick data-processing capabilities allow you to get into the very depth of your project without risking human life or wasting any time..

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Artrabia is known for using the latest UAV technologies to help clients achieve operational efficiency, get accurate data analytics, and more.

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Artrabia UAV Services
Clients trust Artrabia’s experience and expertise in over 2500+ flight hours in multiple sectors. We are committed to owning the largest fleet and qualified crews in Saudi Arabia.
Mohsen Aldajani
Chief Executive Officer | Ex-Military F-15 Fighter Pilot

Why choose us

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Drone use in construction and mining could eventually become a billion global market, according to PWC.

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Global Drones for Oil and Gas Market size is projected to reach Billion by 2025.

With self-guided flight paths, data analytics, and precision cameras, a drone can cut down a 12-acre survey job that takes 100 hours to manually survey, to about 2 hours


How Artrebia Aim to Help You Soar Through the Skies

It is easy to see why the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is likely to soar in the near future. However, to reap the benefits of this modern technology, you will need technical specialists who know how to put it to use; that’s where we come to your aid. We help you understand the beautiful perspective brought about by UAVs for yourself and your business alike.

Artrabia is among the pioneers of Drone as a Service (DaaS) and UAV services in KSA. Our skilled staff of ex-military fighter pilots and a fleet of high-capability drones are designed to ensure your success in every way imaginable. We offer aerial cinematography, surveys, inspections, mapping, and custom solutions; so, even the sky isn’t a limit!


Now we’re going beyond the horizon with our drone services

Our vision is to be among the top five Premier Drone Services in the region within the next five years and the top drone company within the next ten years.

We will achieve this objective by providing superior UAV services in KSA and solving issues associated with data governance. This will allow us to deliver better business value to ensure satisfaction and continued engagement.


Bringing the Sky Closer to Our Partners By our drone services

Artrabia brings the skies within arm’s reach for you and your business by making your ventures more cost-effective and therefore more achievable. Our drones are more agile and convenient compared to chartering a helicopter for your survey, mapping, photography, or cinematography ventures. It’s not just more convenient, it’s more cost-effective as well!

The expertise of our certified pilots and custom UAVs are high-quality results, impeccable value for money, and decreased risk for business. We help you get access to countless new opportunities and open new doors for your business, thus bringing the skies and your objective closer to you. No matter how high your goals are, Artrabia is here to help you achieve them!


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UAV is the Future

Drone Market:

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Artrabia UAV Services

If you want to make a difference,you should be working for Artrabia.

We offer business challenges on a scale few companies can match. Here, you’ll work on some unique projects as you build a career that could range from Drone piloting and engineering to business operations and AI. Join us to make a difference for yourself, for our customers and for the world.

We’re up for the challenge. Are you?
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