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About us

We’re Artrabia, a certified Saudi UAVcompany based in Riyadh.

By combining state-of-the-art drone technology, certified commercial drone operators, affordability, and excellence in almost every field imaginable, our UAV services in Saudi Arabia is here to reinforce your business by reducing liability and improving efficiency. Artrabia is based and founded in Saudi Arabia by an ex-military fighter jet pilot and equally driven individuals, each of whom is dedicated to providing you quality above all else. Our goal is to push ourselves beyond what the industry is currently offering and be your unfair advantage.

First GACA part 107
certified company in ksa

Managed & Operated by ex-military fighter pilots

Largest fleet of UAV in KSA

Artrabia UAV Services is a Riyadh-based commercial drone operator that has met all legal requirements set out by the GACA (Saudi Arabia’s Civil Aviation Authority). Artrabia’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) allows it to execute small and large-scale mapping projects in a safe, accurate, and cost-effective manner and therefore, be your unfair advantage in the industry!

The biggest advantage you get with Artrabia is that of flight expertise, which leads to a plethora of other benefits. Our pilots are ex-fighter pilots who have operated critical missions where flight paths and regulations were of utmost importance; this ensures cost-effectiveness, safety, and compliance. 

Our pilots have years of flying experience under their belt and ensure reliability, maximum coverage, and professional consistency in flight paths and result quality; this is true for videography, photography, surveying, or even inspecting dangerous sites where humans can’t go. Their skills and proficiency eliminate any liability or costs incurred due to code compliance failure, improving your bottom line in the process.

Why Artrabia?
  • Data Accuracy
  • Personnel Safety
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Born & Bred In Saudi Arabia
Who we are
  • Founder and CEO: Mohsen Aldajani, since October 2018
  • Headquarter: Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
  • Vision: Bringing the Sky Closer to Our Partners
  • Values: Open, courageous, collaborative and caring
  • Strategy: Owning the best pilots, best drones, and best data..

Shaping the future of UAV , Robot & AI in KSA

The high-quality service we are known for across KSA is a result of the combined effort put in by every team member. We work together to discover possibilities and devise solutions for you, our clients, unlike ever before. The foundation for all these qualities and standards has been set by our founder — Mohsen Al-Dajani, a Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 fighter pilot. Artrabia enjoys its position as a top-quality service due to its numerous valuable contributions.


It is easy to see why the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is likely to soar in the near future. However, to reap the benefits of this modern technology, you will need technical specialists who know how to put it to use; that’s where we come to your aid. We help you understand the beautiful perspective brought about by UAVs for yourself and your business alike.

Artrabia is among the pioneers of Drone as a Service (DaaS) and UAV services in KSA. Our skilled staff of ex-military fighter pilots and a fleet of high-capability drones are designed to ensure your success in every way imaginable. We offer aerial cinematography, surveys, inspections, mapping, and custom solutions; so, even the sky isn’t a limit!

Our certified pilots can deploy UAVs to help you collect real-time data and sharp, high-resolution images for progress monitoring. You can also get the data as underlays to CAD plans and drawings, making your data accessible the way YOU want it. With our custom solutions, you get to dictate how you want to use the UAV and we’ll oblige!

Mission — Bringing the Sky Closer to Our Partners

Artrabia brings the skies within arm’s reach for you and your business by making your ventures more cost-effective and therefore more achievable. Our drones are more agile and convenient compared to chartering a helicopter for your survey, mapping, photography, or cinematography ventures. It’s not just more convenient, it’s more cost-effective as well!

The expertise of our certified pilots and custom UAVs are high-quality results, impeccable value for money, and decreased risk for business. We help you get access to countless new opportunities and open new doors for your business, thus bringing the skies and your objective closer to you. No matter how high your goals are, Artrabia is here to help you achieve them!


Our vision is to be among the top five Premier Drone Services in the region within the next five years and the top drone company within the next ten years. We will achieve this objective by providing superior UAV services in KSA and solving issues associated with data governance. This will allow us to deliver better business value to ensure satisfaction and continued engagement.

Our logo
Artrabia for drone services

Artrabia will set an example in accelerating drone uses and technologies in the region (the triangle symbol points forward) to become an available and integrated tool with the largest possible number of business sectors (the triangle symbol appears in most of the company name below it) and we will work to perform all stages of work in the right way (the second inverted triangle symbolizes a checkmark).


We’re supporting talented young people in robotics, AI and drones, helping them to become the Heroes of Tomorrow.

Artrabia offers young students many chances, from training on drone usages to testing AI solutions, & consultancy free of charge.

Artrabia UAV Services
Artrabia UAV Services
Artrabia UAV Services

Artrabia is among the pioneers of Drone as a Service (DaaS) and UAV services in KSA. Our skilled staff of ex-military fighter pilots and a fleet of high-capability drones are designed to ensure your success in every way imaginable.

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Sunday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm

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