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First-In-Class UAV Services in KSA to Kickstart Your Project

Let Artrabia be your eyes and ears as our trusted engineers and pilots help you make your ventures more cost-effective. We are proud to serve a wide range of industries, providing services related to bespoke photography, videography, surveying, and 3D modeling, as well as many other solutions cost-effectively!




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Artrabia makes a point of spreading our wings beyond limits to help YOU soar the skies. Our high-quality camera output and quick data-processing capabilities allow you to get into the very depth of your project without risking human life or wasting any time. Our certified drone services in Saudi Arabia are a result of over 50 years of combined flight experience from owners, and that is something that even competitors haven’t been able to recreate yet. Due to this reason, they haven’t replicated our results yet despite somewhat similar equipment.

Since you’re sending in a drone and not a human, you don’t have to spend resources complying with code, either, further saving you time and money. Artrabia is proud to present our custom solutions, where we dive into your specific requirements and engineer drones accordingly.

Multi-rotor drones

Multi-rotor drones are our most used drones M600 Pro, Inspire 2

Fixed Wing

Fixed-wing drones are used for BVR long-range survey and inspections

Cessna 172

When mission dictate higher altitude or long endurance we turn to our  Cessna 172 



We produce striking aerial images for everything, from property tours, urban planning, and disaster management to asset monitoring and habitat protection.


Aerial Cinematography

Our professional aerial filming drones can capture video at up to 8K Ultra HD, and our photo mapping service combines with them to deliver faster results.


Survey & Mapping

We provide high-level aerial surveys, photogrammetry mapping, orthophoto, Digital Elevation Models; DSM & DTM, 2&3d modeling.



We can create and monitor pre-construction sites and inspections for solar installations, buildings, roofs, chimneys, towers, and wind turbines.


Additional Services

We can support your business in the following fields:

Solar PV

drone servicesFailed photovoltaic cells can be detected with the help of the lighter color of cells during an inspection. It takes a few days to inspect solar panels manually in an entire solar park and it’s a daunting task. Inspection by drones saves a lot of time and can be carried out in a few hours.

Oil & Gas

drone services uav Our Drones can be employed effortlessly around flare stacks, oil rigs and along miles of pipeline for monitoring of leaks or gas emissions, detecting spills, corrosion, heat spots and improve safety by eliminating the need for human intervention.



drone services uav The big benefit of using our drone in construction is getting quick, accurate visual data of a site. This data can then be used in a number of ways. It can be shared with clients, with internal teams, used to help improve safety, and to focus efforts toward completing a project faster

Media Production

drone services uavIn the past few years, we used our custom-made drone & cameras for filming shots that require adrenalin-filled action sequences, literal birds’ eye views, dramatic panoramas or 360-degree views of subjects. No other filming method can start a sequence inside a building and end up at 400 feet altitude in one uncut shot.


drone services uav Using our multispectral high-resolution camera sensors, we can detect & quantify crop health problems early on. These valuable insights can reduce input costs and boost yield. By using drone growers, agriculture service providers or researchers will have a fast and efficient way to scout their crops, identify stress areas, create treatment plans, and track plant growth. 

Science - Data Acquisition

drone services uavUnmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) can be an alternative of high-resolution spatial data acquisition for detail mapping, including archaeological sites mapping. Data acquisition using UAV generated to mosaic orthophoto, Digital Surface Model (DSM), and Digital Terrain Model (DTM). See one of our projects “Mud Houses” for how we produced detailed 3d mapping for Sudai Old villages near Riyadh.


Artrabia drone (UAV) services We can help you gather the necessary data for analysis before a risk is insured to help in preventative maintenance, and to assess damage after an event.

Real Estate

Artrabia drone (UAV) services One of the early adopters of drone usages was commercial Real Estate. Used as a very effective tool to market properties especially for high-rise buildings or difficult-to-reach territories, drones are now the #1 photography tool to do the job with ease and cost-effectiveness approach.

Artrabia is among the pioneers of Drone as a Service (DaaS) and UAV services in KSA. Our skilled staff of ex-military fighter pilots and a fleet of high-capability drones are designed to ensure your success in every way imaginable.

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